Should I List My House With An Agent Or Sell It To A Cash Buyer?

The Differences Between Listing With An Agent and Selling To A Cash Buyer In Pittsburgh

list with agent or sell to cash buyer

When To List Your Home With An Agent In Pittsburgh

Depending on your situation, sometimes it may be a great option to list your home with an agent.

  • Your home is in excellent condition, and needs no repairs or updating
  • You want a hands off approach in selling your home
  • Paying commissions and closing costs doesn’t bother you
  • The market is hot, and homes are selling quickly for top dollar

Process For Listing Home With An Agent

  1. Meet with agent to have a comparative market analysis performed for your home and negotiate commissions
  2. Agent performs inspection of home, and advised of necessary repairs, updating, and staging that will need to be performed before listing the home
  3. Make necessary repairs, updates, and have home staged
  4. Have home professionally cleaned, or clean yourself
  5. Discuss with agent preferred listing price and sign listing agreement, seller’s disclosures, property input statements, etc.
  6. Schedule professional pictures to be taken
  7. Home is listed and marketed by agent, now wait for showings
  8. Be available to leave home for showings from 8am-8pm 7 days a week
  9. Wait for buyer to make offer
  10. Negotiate offer with agent and have agent explain buyer’s contingencies
  11. Offer is accepted and buyer schedules home inspection
  12. Home inspection is performed and buyer renegotiates for items that came up on the inspection
  13. Buyer is in the process of getting approved for a mortgage
  14. Appraiser comes to appraise home (possible renegotiation if home does not appraise at purchase price)
  15. Schedule dye test and any occupancy inspections
  16. Buyer’s loan is approved, title work is completed, and settlement is scheduled
  17. Settle home sale (process takes anywhere from 45-90 days in a good market)

When Not To List Your Home and Sell To A Cash Buyer Instead

You may be better off selling your house for cash to a home buyer if:

  • Your home is in need of repairs
  • Your home has not been cosmetically updated in a while
  • You are okay with waiting for a potential buyer to make an offer
  • You are comfortable paying closing costs and commissions to your agent
  • You trust the agent to have your best interests in mind and negotiate on your behalf
  • The market is slow, and homes are taking longer to sale
  • You need cash quickly, and do not have time to wait
  • You would prefer to have full control over selling your home

Process For Selling Your Home To A “We Buy Houses” Company

Step 1


We research the details of your home, schedule a property walkthrough to meet with you, look over the property, and prepare an offer.

Step 2


We present you with a fair cash offer no inspections, no appraisals, no financing contingencies, and require no repairs to be made.

Step 3


Schedule closing on the day of your choosing. We handle all the paperwork, fees, and pay all the closing costs. (3-4 weeks from offer acceptance)

List With An Agent Or Sell To A Cash Buyer?

This decision can greatly depend on your time schedule, whether or not you have the cash available, and the current condition of you home and whether or not you are willing to make any repairs.

Many people decide not to list with an agent to avoid paying closing costs, commissions, and fees, although it could be a viable option for your situation to list with an agent.

That being said,

Many properties in Pittsburgh are not brand new! An older house in Pittsburgh that may need repairs or updating may not net you as much money as you think.

If the house isn’t in excellent condition, you may not get full market value or your asking price for the home.

The fact that work may need to be completed will cause stress and cost time and money!

The actual cost to repair the home could exceed thousands of dollars.

There is also the risk of not knowing exactly what the home will sell for, and if it isn’t in great shape, may cause a buyer to offer a lower price.

Show Your Home Once

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There is NO Obligation

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Let Us Handle The Cleanout

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Selling to a cash buyer could be a great option for you spending on your situation. We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh any condition or situation, and never require you to pay ANY closing costs, fees, or commissions. We can close on your home in as little as 21 days or whenever is convenient for you. There is absolutely zero obligation to accept our offer, and we can provide you a quote 100% free. Learn more about how it works, who we are, or if you are ready to receive your cash offer, please fill out the form below and we’ll get started!

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