How Do I Sell My House In Pittsburgh As-Is?

Selling A House As-Is In Pittsburgh

sell house as is

Are you wondering how it might be possible to sell your house as is in Pittsburgh? Can you really sell a house without having to make any repairs? What’s the catch?

What Does “Selling A House As-Is” Mean?

Selling a house as-is simply means that the buyer is willing to purchase your home without you, the seller, having to make any repairs to the property. An as-is purchase is agreeing that the seller will not offer any credits, discounts, or make any repairs beyond the already negotiated price. Selling a house as-is is a great way to sell your home quickly if you’d rather not deal with the headache and hassle of hiring contractors and doing improvements.

Will I Get More Money For My House If I Make Repairs?

Possibly….it all depends.

Making repairs or upgrades to a property can greatly increase it’s market value and desirability. However, some upgrades and repairs can be very costly. For example, the average roof in the Pittsburgh area can run between 7-10 thousand dollars for a replacement. Windows can run 4-8 thousand dollars. Foundation work is usually the most expensive repair and can run upwards of 10,000 dollars. Determining whether or not to do these repairs, the cost involved, the time involved, and the inconvenience and hassle involved, will help you better weigh whether you’d like to try to tackle the repairs yourself, or sell the property in as-is condition.

What Are The Drawbacks To Selling A House As-Is

The major drawback to selling a house as-is, is that likely the offer you receive for your home will be less than market value. Simply because, the house will need some repairs made to it, and these repairs will need to be completed before the house can be marketed at retail value.

How Can I Benefit From An As-Is Offer?

An as-is offer on your home has quite a few benefits. There are many nuances and inconveniences associated with making repairs to your home:

  1. Setting aside money for the repairs
  2. Scheduling, interviewing, and vetting contractors
  3. Coordinating time to be available to let contractors in to work on your home
  4. Waiting weeks or months for the work to be completed when you could be moving on

An as-is sale on your home without having to make any repairs would avoid all these concerns. Probably more importantly, there are no headaches to deal with it, and you won’t have to be anxious worrying about if everything will turn out alright!

What To Look Out For With An As-Is Offer

The main thing to watch out for in as-is offers is an inspection contingency clause. Here is an example:

Buyer has 20 days to complete an inspection of the property. Within 20 days, buyer must: 1. Accept the property in as-is condition. 2. Inform seller in writing of notice to terminate sale and have all deposit monies returned to buyer. Or 3. Inform the seller in writing of unsatisfactory inspection and have the opportunity to renegotiate price with seller.

It is in your best interest to have a cash buyer write an offer without a contingency period. This ensures they are not wasting your time, looking to give you an inflated offer just to renegotiate, or give themselves some extra time to decide if they’re actually serious about buying or not.

When Selling A House As-Is, Make Sure You Work With A Reputable Home Buyer

A reputable home buyer will make you a cash as-is offer on your home without any additional inspection contingencies or negotiation periods. They should do an initial walkthrough to determine a rehab/repair budget, and be able to make you a cash offer based off that initial walkthrough.

Sell Your House As-Is In Pittsburgh

We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh “As Is”, and never require additional inspections or negotiation periods. When we perform our initial walkthourgh, we’ll determine your cash offer based off the market value of the home after the repairs are made. We do a walkthourgh to determine what repairs/upgrades are needed, and subtract that and our minimum profit to come up with our cash offer. We provide a detailed explanation of this on our “How It Works” Page. If you are looking to sell your Pittsburgh home fast, without any hassle, inconvenience, or worry, we’d love to make you an offer that works for you. Best of all you have to make zero repairs, and there is never any obligation to accept our offer if you’re not completely happy.

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