417. What Pittsburgh Home Sellers Should Know About the Current Real Estate Market

We buy houses in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Selling a home in Pittsburgh, PA can be an exciting but challenging endeavor, especially in the midst of a dynamic real estate market. As a home seller, it is crucial to stay informed and understand the unique factors influencing the current state of the Pittsburgh real estate market. Whether you are considering selling your property or navigating the process already, this blog post aims to provide valuable insights into what Pittsburgh home sellers should know about the present market conditions.

From the impact of national trends and changing buyer demographics to the implications of bidding wars and the potential risks involved, being well-versed in the dynamics of the real estate market is essential for making informed decisions. Additionally, we will explore the rising prices and the possibility of market shifts, as well as alternative selling options that can empower Pittsburgh home sellers to make the most of their opportunities.

Riding the Wave in Pittsburgh, PA

Like an enduring wave that originated from the 2008 national trend of decreasing new housing production, Pittsburgh, PA is still grappling with an unmet backlog of completed units, compounded by a surge in demand following the pandemic. The allure of low-interest rates has attracted buyers who may not have had the means to afford housing otherwise. Additionally, changes in federal tax guidelines have prompted a migration of buyers from high-tax states, as they can no longer benefit from property tax write-offs.

According to a report by the National Association of Realtors in October 2020, the number of homes available for sale in Pittsburgh, PA is at an all-time low. If no additional homes were listed on the market from this point forward, the inventory would only suffice for slightly over two months. Moreover, there has been a noticeable decline in the number of homes listed by sellers who would typically be moving up the housing ladder, such as transitioning from a starter home. Many homeowners have chosen to stay put, waiting to observe market conditions and settle before taking any risks with their current properties. These factors have converged to create an unprecedented seller’s market, characterized by a soaring demand and a scarcity of available housing units, leading to remarkable price escalations.

The Trouble With Bidding Wars in Pittsburgh, PA

Navigating a seller’s market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, may appear enticing, but it’s crucial for home sellers to understand the implications of bidding wars on the local real estate market. The issue arises when buyers submit bids that exceed the appraised value of the home while still falling below the standard 80 percent loan-to-value ratio. Engaging in a bidding war can potentially lead to the loss of buyers who may lack the financial capacity to accommodate higher monthly payments and increased principal amounts. Moreover, they might be unprepared to handle additional expenses such as mortgage insurance or bridge the gap between the appraisal value and the final purchase price. As a Pittsburgh home seller, it is essential to be aware of these factors and make informed decisions to ensure a successful transaction.

What Goes Up Must Come Down in Pittsburgh, PA

All good things eventually reach a culmination, and the real estate market in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania is no exception. Even before the pandemic, housing prices were already on an upward trajectory, and this trend has persisted. However, it is important for Pittsburgh home sellers to recognize that the current surge in prices cannot be sustained indefinitely, and there is a possibility of a market downturn. The rapid escalation in listing prices has rendered the average home unaffordable for many first-time homebuyers, creating potential challenges for sellers.

Moreover, it is crucial for Pittsburgh home sellers to remain cognizant of the indicators pointing towards a potential market crash. Foreclosures, which are currently on hold, are expected to increase, particularly among lower-income households. Presently, approximately 2.75 million mortgages are under the protection of the CARES Act’s forbearance, with around 10 percent of all FHA-backed mortgages being more than three months behind on payments. These factors highlight the need for caution and awareness among Pittsburgh home sellers, as they navigate the evolving real estate landscape.

By staying informed about market dynamics and seeking professional guidance, Pittsburgh home sellers can proactively respond to any potential shifts, mitigate risks, and make informed decisions regarding their properties.

Avoiding the Risks of Selling in Pittsburgh, PA

Failing to seize the current market opportunity may cause Pittsburgh home sellers to miss out on a rare chance to capitalize on the market’s peak or near-peak conditions. For those who are hesitant about traditional listings, it is understandable that engaging with unfamiliar individuals for negotiations or business dealings poses risks. Additionally, many homeowners are reluctant to conduct showings during the pandemic due to concerns about potential exposure to ill buyers entering their homes. Given the heightened levels of stress that many individuals are already experiencing, the thought of navigating the additional pressures of selling a home, particularly when school and work activities are primarily conducted from home, can feel overwhelming.

However, it is important for Pittsburgh home sellers to be aware that there is an alternative approach to selling their homes in the Pittsburgh real estate market. By opting to sell directly to a buyer like Dustin Buys Houses, sellers can bypass the challenges associated with traditional methods. Working with a direct buyer offers a streamlined process that eliminates the need for showings, reduces contact with strangers, and alleviates the additional stresses often associated with selling a home. This alternative avenue can provide a viable solution for Pittsburgh home sellers seeking a more convenient and efficient way to navigate the current market landscape.

By exploring this alternative selling option, Pittsburgh home sellers can gain peace of mind and confidently make decisions that align with their individual circumstances and priorities.

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