106. 6 Ways Working With A Professional Home Buyer Will Save Your Money In Mt Lebanon PA

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We Buy Houses In Mt Lebanon, Pennsylvania. Working with a professional home buyer will save you a ton of money when selling your property in Mt Lebanon PA. Don’t rule out a direct sale until you learn more about what our process will mean for you! 

Are you looking for the best way to sell your home in Mt Lebanon PA? Many local homeowners are surprised to find that working with a direct buyer helps them get cash for houses in Mt Lebanon quickly which keeps more money in their pockets than they ever would have received by working with a PA real estate agent. Before deciding how to sell your property in Mt Lebanon PA, we encourage you to run the numbers for your property so that you will be able to make the selling decision that works best for you. Below are just a few of the costs that will help you to avoid when working with our professional team of homebuyers in Pennsylvania such as Dustin Buys Houses!

Sell Without Commission In Mt Lebanon PA

When you sell your home with a real estate agent in Mt Lebanon PA, you will be faced with commission costs if your house is able to sell in the traditional way. Commissions are usually somewhere around 6% of the final sale price, meaning that if your property sells for $250k, you are looking at an instant $15k that will go directly to your agent. When you work with Dustin Buys Houses, you will not have to worry about any commissions or other selling fees. This is a huge chunk of cash that you will not have to factor in when choosing to sell your Mt Lebanon PA house directly to Dustin Buys Houses.

Avoid Repairs And Upgrades In Mt Lebanon

Working with the team at Dustin Buys Houses will allow you to sell your home as-is, without any repair or upgrade costs. When listing a property in Mt Lebanon PA, many people are stuck making repairs before the house has even hit the market. They are then surprised when their potential buyer comes to them after the insection, attempting to negotiate more repairs be made before the sale goes through. Some people end up spending more than they should, just to get the deal done. With a direct sale, you won’t spend any time or money fixing up the property.

Immediately End Your Holding Costs In PA

Have you considered the true cost of owning your house? When you take into account utility bills, taxes, insurance, HOA fees, and other expenses that homeowners face, you might be astonished by the overall sum. Opting for a fast sale could potentially save you thousands of dollars that would otherwise be spent on the property. By selling quickly in Mt. Lebanon, PA, you can immediately put an end to ongoing property holding costs instead of enduring them for months on end. Just imagine the significant savings you can achieve by prioritizing a swift home sale!

No Cleaning Or Maintenance In Pennsylvania

When a house is listed on the MLS in Mt Lebanon PA, it will need to be kept clean at all times. You never know who will want to come over to see it or how quickly they will want to drop by. Many times potential buyers will want to see it right away, and as someone who wants to sell their home, you will want to do your best to oblige.

When preparing a property for listing in Mt. Lebanon, PA, homeowners have two options when it comes to cleaning: hiring a professional cleaning service or tackling the task themselves. Regardless of the chosen approach, both time and money will be invested in the cleaning process and ongoing maintenance. Whether it’s the cost of hiring professionals or the personal effort put into cleaning, homeowners should be prepared for these expenses as part of the overall selling process. Additionally, ongoing maintenance costs should be considered to ensure the property remains in a presentable condition while it’s on the market.

No Closing Costs In Mt Lebanon, Pennsylvania

With a traditional sale of your home in Mt Lebanon PA, you’ll end up paying about 2% of the final sale price toward closing costs. So for a $250k house, that is another $5k down the drain in costs related to the sale. These costs typically encompass expenses such as the title search, transfer tax, and title insurance. However, when you choose to sell your property directly to Dustin Buys Houses, these costs are handled on your behalf.

We will handle all of the standard closing costs, adding one less thing you have to thank for when selling your home in Mt Lebanon PA.

No PA Marketing, Staging, Or Photography Costs

Although certain marketing, staging, and photography expenses may be covered within the framework of a traditional listing agreement, there are instances where homeowners find themselves personally responsible for these costs. It’s possible that their agent might use smartphone photos or neglect to utilize premium online listings, prompting homeowners to take matters into their own hands. When homeowners in Mt. Lebanon, PA are truly motivated to sell their house promptly, they often go the extra mile by investing in professional photography, staging services, and additional marketing initiatives. These efforts are undertaken to expedite the home-selling process and achieve their desired outcome.

Sell My House In Mt Lebanon PA

Every situation is different. So as local Pennsylvania home buyers, we encourage you to run the numbers for the property you would like to sell before you make your decision about how to sell your house in Pittsburgh!

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