Choosing A We Buy Houses Company To Buy Your House

I need to sell my house in Pittsburgh fast“… do a quick Google search and you’ll stumble on dozens of companies, offering to buy your house in Pittsburgh with “cash“. So what’s the deal? Where’s the catch? Are these legitimate companies, or are these scams? How does it even work?! With so many options, how do you pick which “we buy houses” company to work with?

Many of these companies are reputable, and will buy your home in cash. However, just like in any industry, many of these companies are not ethical, and may make empty promises.

These are some red flags to take note of when choosing a “we buy houses” company to work with:

  • Promise Unrealistic Closing Times (7 Days This is not possible in the state of PA)
  • Contingency Periods
  • Pressure Sales Tactics, Hard Sales
we buy houses company in pittsburgh how to choose

“Cash For Your House In 7 Days”.

I’m sorry to break it to you but it is not possible to close on a house within 7 days in Pittsburgh, let alone the whole state of PA. The way our escrow procedure works in PA is:

  1. The title company will order a title search after receiving a sales agreement.
  2. Lien letters and tax certifications will be requested from the local municipality or city.
  3. Most of the time, a dye test will need completed, and the municipality or city will not release lien letters to the taxing authority until they receive evidence of a passed dye test.
  4. The taxing authority will issue a tax certification. Meanwhile the title company will work on clearing any liens from the title search including outstanding mortgages and receive payoff amounts.
  5. The title company puts it all together, issues title insurance, and prepares final closing documents.
  6. Closing time!!!!

Pennsylvania still operates using a paper trail. No central database, no instant verification. This process takes time and cash or not, the fastest possible closing time in PA is about 21 days!

“Contingency Periods”

Many companies will have written in their contract a 30 day contingency or “inspection” period. They plan to use this period of time to try to sell their contract with you to another buyer. (They won’t tell you this). If they can’t find a buyer, they just cancel based off the “inspection”, receive their deposit money back, and leave you hanging and having wasted 30 days of your time.

“Pressure Sales Tactics”

We encourage our customers to take the time to decide, talk to their family members, look at our reviews, read through our website. It may not be a wise to sign with a company that uses hard sale tactics or pressure to get you to sign a contract with them right at the appointment. We realize you have questions and concerns, and selling a home is a big decision. No one should ever feel pressured to make such a decision without careful thought and consideration.

Are “We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh Companies” Legitimate?

So these are the signs of the bad companies… do I find a real legitimate one?

Reputable Signs Of A “Sell My Home For Cash” Company

Reputable house buyers are easy to spot. When browsing through their website, it should be blatantly obvious they are a real company with real people, local to Pittsburgh.

  • Is there a phone number that is easy to find to reach them at?
  • Is there a picture of the people owning the business?
  • Is the about us section filled with actual content about them and pictures?
  • Do they have pictures of the houses they have purchased and rehabbed of them inside the house?
  • Can they provide proof of funds they actually have the cash to purchase the house?

Legitimate Cash Buyers Can Provide Proof Of Purchased Homes

Saying “We Buy Houses In Pittsburgh” and actually buying houses are two very different things. Legitimate cash buyers should be able to provide proof of actual homes purchased. This could come in the form of a public records search, before and after pictures, or past client testimonials. If a company is unable to provide these, it may be a sign they are not a credible company, and you may want to look elsewhere.

How To Ensure You’re Working With A Reputable Local House Buyer

Do you get a good vibe from the company? Are they transparent, open, and honest? Ask plenty of questions, ask for proof of their recent transactions, and ask for proof of funds. Reputable house buyers will have excellent reviews, and documented experience. Are they BBB accredited? Make sure you feel totally comfortable with the company you are dealing with before you sign any type of contract.

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