291. What It REALLY Costs To Sell Your Home In Dormont PA

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We Buy Houses In Dormont Pennsylvania. Listing your home isn’t free. There are costs, chores, and a lot of work that goes into getting your home ready for the market. Before you list your home, think about the time, energy, and money that go into it. If you have potential homebuyers in Pennsylvania, that offers cash for houses in Dormont, it is often preferred rather than the hassle and out of pocket costs of listing. So, what it REALLY costs to sell your home in Dormont PA?

Commissions, Staging & Yard Work In Dormont Pennsylvania. Oh My!

Cleaning In Dormont PA

The initial priority is to ensure a comprehensive cleaning of the entire home. It involves addressing various aspects, such as thorough window cleaning both inside and outside, meticulous cleaning of grout and tiles, attending to baseboards and molding, and paying attention to often overlooked areas like window sills and ceiling fans. If you have pets, it becomes especially important to closely address any pet hair and odors. While you can certainly undertake the cleaning yourself, it’s worth noting that professionals can deliver superior accuracy and efficiency. Moreover, maintaining a clean environment for showings, open houses, and unexpected visitors can be time-consuming and demanding in terms of energy.

Landscaping In Pennsylvania

Never, ever, ever neglect the yard when selling your home. You will want to make sure your yard had excellent curb appeal and isn’t overgrown or filled with weeds. Just like the cleaning, you can do this yourself, but you will have some hard work ahead of you. You will want to:

  • Trim back trees and bushes.
  • Weed the lawn and open areas.
  • Plant flowers and appropriate plants.
  • Fix anything in need of repair.
  • Add fresh paint to outdoor trim, mailbox, door, etc.
  • Add seating and other elements of staging to make the outside areas of your home more welcoming

The backyard should be warm, inviting, and well-manicured. The front yard is your first impression, make it a good one!

Storage & Moving In Dormont Pennsylvania

Even if you’re still residing in your home, it’s wise to pack and store some of your personal belongings in preparation for the market. The presence of personal items can create a sense of clutter and discourage potential buyers. While your home is listed, you’ll need a designated space to store your belongings, which may require offsite storage. If you’re temporarily staying elsewhere until your home sells, you’ll likely incur additional expenses such as rent, in addition to your mortgage payments. It’s important to remember the costs associated with moving once your house is sold. Will you hire professional movers or handle the packing yourself? Will you require a moving truck? These expenses should be carefully considered and factored into your budget.

Listing Fees, Agent Fees, Administrative Fees, And Notary Charges In Pennsylvania

Collaborating with a real estate agent entails various fees and charges that you might not have anticipated. These expenses are separate from the commission, which we will discuss below. Agents typically pass on several fees to cover marketing, listing, and administrative tasks like clerical work and printing. Additionally, there may be costs associated with notarization and other minor charges that can accumulate quickly. It’s important to be aware of these expenses as they can contribute to your overall financial considerations.

Commissions In Dormont Pennsylvania

Here’s the significant aspect to consider: When selling your home through an agent, they are entitled to a commission, typically around 6% of your sale price. While this percentage can vary, using 6% as a rough estimate is a good starting point for your calculations. When you are calculating your asking price, make sure you factor in commissions as well as the other charges listed above.

Sell My House In Dormont PA

There is an alternative way to sell your house in Pittsburgh for a great price! Work directly to professional Pennsylvania home buyers such as us here in Dustin Buys Houses. This is perfect for homeowners who are in financial distress and cannot wait too long to sell their property IF the market will purchase it. When these events happen, the last thing you want to do is think about painting the property so it’s perfect for someone else!

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