231. Selling Your House While Divorcing In Brookline PA

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We Buy Houses In Brookline Pennsylvania. If you’re going through a difficult divorce and trying to figure out what to do about your unwanted real estate, then keep reading this blog post to give you our best suggestions about selling your home while divorcing in Brookline PA.

Divorce can be challenging and emotional. Yet, in the midst of the difficult situation, you might be like other divorcing couples who own a property and are trying to figure out how to go about selling a divorced home in Brookline PA. At Dustin Buys Houses, as local homebuyers in Pennsylvania, we provide homeowners with the ideal way to sell their property fast (especially those who are facing difficult situations) by purchasing cash for houses in Brookline. Here are our best strategies and ideas to help you navigate the real estate portion of your divorce as carefully and efficiently as possible.

Houses In Divorce Can Be Complicated In Brookline Pennsylvania

During a divorce, the two parties seek to split their assets in half. For some assets are liquid (such as money), it’s very easy to do. For other assets, including real estate, it’s much harder to do because how do you split the property in half? It’s one asset that derives its value from being whole, and it’s usually a structure built on a plot of land, so it’s not going anywhere.

Given that dividing the house in half is not a feasible solution, the question remains: should one party receive ownership, or should it go to the other? In certain divorce cases, one party might be offered the opportunity to keep the home, but with the condition that they cover the associated costs. However, this can present a significant financial burden, especially at a time when people generally prefer to avoid incurring such expenses.

Here’s How To Split The Real Estate Asset In Pennsylvania

The best way to split the real estate asset is to sell it. The property itself might have some expenses incurred during the sales process, or there might be outstanding bills, or there might still be a partial outstanding mortgage on the property. So the two divorcing parties should probably just sell the property and direct their attorneys to apply the money earned from the equity to any outstanding debts.

After determining the remaining amount from the sale proceeds, it can be divided between both parties based on an agreed-upon percentage, typically a 50/50 split. However, this raises an important question: how do you go about selling the property?

The Fastest Way To Sell A Divorce House In Brookline

When it comes to selling a property, many people automatically consider hiring a real estate agent. However, there are several drawbacks to this approach that should be considered:

  • Cost of repairs: Typically, the agent will require the owners to cover the expenses of fixing up the property before listing it. The question arises as to who should bear this financial burden.
  • Lengthy selling process: Engaging an agent means going through the conventional route, which often takes 3-6 months or even longer to sell a house. This prolonged timeline may not be feasible for either party, considering the circumstances.
  • Involvement of both parties: The agent will involve both parties in the negotiation process with potential buyers. This can lead to additional stress, disagreements, and an increased volume of paperwork that needs to be handled and exchanged.

Consequently, relying solely on a real estate agent can be expensive, time-consuming, and potentially exacerbate the challenges of the divorce proceedings.

However, it’s worth noting that there are alternative methods available to sell a property in a divorce situation. Exploring these options can help minimize costs, expedite the selling process, and reduce the overall strain associated with selling a house during a divorce.

Sell My House In Brookline PA

Fortunately, there’s another way to sell and that’s to sell your house in Pittsburgh to a real estate buying firm (which is what we do here at Dustin Buys Houses). The real estate buying firm will purchase your property quickly, for cash, in as-is condition (and as a bonus, there are never any commissions or fees to pay). You don’t have to clean up or fix up the property and the sale can be completed in days, not months, with very little paperwork.

If you’re going through a divorce and want to just be done with it and move on with your life, just reach out to us and tell us about the real estate you want to sell. We are professional Pennsylvania home buyers and we specialize in purchasing divorce houses. We can help you expedite your divorce by buying this home from you.

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