255. Real Estate Disclosures – What You Have To Share Legally In Bethel Park PA

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We buy houses in Bethel Park Pennsylvania and offer cash for houses in Bethel Park especially to homeowners who need to sell their property fast for cash. Real estate disclosures come with many questions for both a buyer and a seller. Our rule of thumb? Be as open and honest as possible. As local homebuyers in Pennsylvania, we’ll cover here in this post what you need to disclose by law. 

Maintaining transparency and honesty as a seller not only safeguards you from potential lawsuits but also establishes you as a trustworthy and upright individual. Concealing defects, impending repairs, or any other home-related issues will eventually have negative consequences. Whether it’s through legal ramifications or the workings of karma, if you believe in such principles, the repercussions can be significant. It’s in your best interest to uphold integrity, disclose all relevant information, and act responsibly throughout the selling process. By doing so, you not only protect yourself but also foster a positive reputation as an ethical seller.

Most Real Estate Lawsuits Occur Because Of Non-Disclosure In Bethel Park PA

So exactly how much are you required to disclose legally? Basically, anything that can affect the value of the property. Here are just a few of the things you should address:

  • Issues with the land, such as drainage, bad soil, and potential for flooding. Bad soil can limit building and low-lying areas can be prone to flooding and water damage.
  • Foundation level and known cracks must be disclosed. If the house settles more than it already has, it could experience structural damage.
  • Plumbing problems, sewer issues, and leaky pipes all need to be brought to the forefront. Some of the most expensive repairs stem from water damage.
  • Any problems or irregularities with the heating and cooling systems should be addressed.
  • If you have a problem with cockroaches, rats, ants, termites, or moles, you will need to inform your potential buyer.
  • Have a leaky roof or missing shingles? Tell your buyer before they find out during a rainstorm.
  • Lead paint is a no-brainer. This disclosure is one of the most common you will see with home sales and rentals.
  • Are there issues that will affect the title? Or rightful ownership? This needs to be spelled out upfront, not during the closing process.
  • You should also have documentation for repairs and insurance claims you’ve made in the past. You should be able to describe what was done and the materials used.

In certain states, there are more extensive disclosure requirements regarding hazard zones, encompassing factors such as flooding, earthquakes, and other environmental influences affecting the property. Moreover, some states mandate the disclosure of any violent crimes that have occurred within the premises, ensuring it becomes common knowledge. While not all states enforce these regulations, it is generally advisable to adhere to this principle. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and consider what information you would want to be aware of when purchasing a home for yourself. Following this rule of thumb promotes transparency and fosters a sense of trust between the seller and buyer.

Disclosures Help A Buyer In Pennsylvania Learn As Much As Possible About A House Before Making Their Purchase

You are selling a great home right? When you keep something to yourself, a minor, needed repair can snowball into much bigger problems. Many properties have something pop up during the inspection that the seller wasn’t prepared for. Imagine, your asking price slashed because of a defect you were unaware of. Your house is a multi-faceted machine. Many sellers choose to have their home inspected prior to a sale. This allows them to make the necessary repairs ahead of time, lessening the bargaining ability of your potential Pennsylvania home buyers. An inspection will also show good-faith in selling. You are telling the world you want your home to be in the greatest possible condition before it is sold.

The disclosure rules pertaining to real estate vary from state to state. To ensure compliance with the specific requirements in your state, it is advisable to consult your agent, attorney, or broker who can provide you with a comprehensive checklist. Take the time to thoroughly review the list and make detailed notes where necessary, including dates of any upgrades or repairs made to the property. When completing the disclosure form, prioritize honesty and completeness. In case you have any inquiries or concerns, it is recommended to seek guidance from a lawyer rather than relying solely on your agent. Agents may refrain from addressing such questions as they might fall outside their area of expertise, aiming to minimize their liability.

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Remember, YOU CAN GET SUED for being dishonest.

And if you are found liable, you will need to pay for repairs, legal expenses, punitive damages, and in some cases, the sale can be rescinded. Make sure you are working with a trusted professional to help guide you through real estate disclosures.

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