48. Make Sure You Do These Things Before Selling Your House In Beechview PA

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We Buy Houses In Beechview, Pennsylvania. It is no secret that selling real estate in Beechview PA can be one of the biggest transactions to a number of homeowners. However, before you start marketing your property and bringing potential homebuyers in Pennsylvania into it, there are a few things you should do, that we’ve learned over the years here at Dustin Buys Houses, to help increase your chances of selling your property faster and getting cash for houses in Beechview quickly.

Sell Your House In Beechview PA Faster By Doing These FIRST

De-Clutter And Take Down Some Of Your Family Memorabilia In Beechview PA

In addition to the aforementioned steps, it is important to take the time to depersonalize the entire space by removing any family photos and personal keepsakes that are prominently displayed. Consider taking down items such as the shrine of little Johnny’s sports medals or the refrigerator adorned with children’s drawings. While it may initially feel unfamiliar to make these changes, they are necessary for potential buyers to envision themselves living in the house. When the fridge is filled with pictures and mementos of your family, it becomes challenging for buyers to visualize their own belongings in that space.

Furthermore, there are other essential factors to consider before selling your home. Ensuring that all necessary repairs are addressed, maintaining cleanliness throughout the property, and staging the home to highlight its best features can significantly increase its appeal. Professional photography and effective marketing strategies are also crucial in attracting potential buyers. Finally, it is advisable to work with a reputable real estate agent who can provide valuable guidance and expertise throughout the selling process.

Price It Right In Beechview, Pennsylvania

Although it may seem effortless to determine the desired selling price for your home, it is essential to take industry standards into account to accurately assess its actual market value. It’s important to understand that your personal expectations for the house might differ from what prospective buyers are willing to pay in the current market.

Remember many people may be looking for homes, but they have become smarter than never before and they come armed with “research” they found online on websites like Zillow (which tends to value homes lower than what a buyer will actually pay for them). After all, research has actually shown that over 90% of home buyers start their search for new homes through the internet, so make sure that you’re not asking far more than the online sources show (or have a great reason to back up your higher price to potential buyers).

NOTE: If you’re looking for an accurate value to your Beechview PA, we can actually help you with that. We purchase homes in Beechview PA and know the market very well and would love to give you a no-obligation offer on your property and a very accurate Valuation so you know what other buyers in the market may pay on the open market. Just call us, Dustin Buys Houses, at (412) 688-6311 or submit your property information to us through the form below.

Make The PA Property More Enticing

Technically, once you have the property marketed, in many cases, it can attract attention right away. As a matter of fact, studies have shown that over 70 percent of the potentials buyers will see the home within 3 to 6 months after its listing. However, if you’re not getting the attention you want for your house, there are some things you can do to make your home look better to potential buyers. Things like…

  • Take care of the small details in your yard, ensuring that shrubs and the overall landscaping are neatly trimmed and maintained. Consider going the extra mile by replacing existing flowers with fresh ones to enhance the visual appeal.


  • Repairs and repainting should be prioritized if your home appears worn or damaged. This step holds greater significance than you might realize, as it can greatly impact a potential buyer’s impression.


  • If you have high-quality furniture, contemplate including some of it in the sale if the buyer expresses interest. This additional gesture can enhance the overall value proposition and appeal of your property.

The thing about most “retail” buyers out there is the majority of them have a hard time looking past the ugly parts of a house. Yes, they can repaint it after they purchase, or they can re-do the yard, but a first impression is a lasting impression, and some buyers just can’t get past that initial ugly visual.

Don’t have the money or time to do the repairs or upgrades yourself? Selling a neglected property can often be a time-consuming process. However, if you’re located in Beechview PA, there’s good news. At Dustin Buys Houses, we specialize in purchasing homes from local residents like you. We understand the challenges posed by neglected properties and are prepared to offer you a quick cash payment, eliminating the need for you to undertake any repairs yourself. We take full responsibility for all necessary renovations and expenses, ensuring a hassle-free experience for you. If you’re curious about the value of your Beechview PA home and would like to explore the possibility of a fast cash sale, simply complete the form on the following page. Within 24 hours, we’ll present you with a fair cash offer—no obligations and no pressure.

Have An Inspection In Pennsylvania Carried Out

To avoid any unpleasant surprises related to property issues that may arise before finalizing a deal, it is crucial to conduct a thorough inspection and prepare key reports well in advance, preferably before potential buyers begin to visit. It is essential to address every single problem or concern proactively. The significant advantage of ensuring a problem-free house is that it will sell more quickly. If you require a recommendation for an excellent local Beechview PA Home Inspection Service, please feel free to contact us via email or give us a call at (412) 688-6311. We would be delighted to provide you with the names of reputable inspectors who can assist you in this matter.

Get All The Paperwork In Beechview

Despite being overlooked at times, this step holds significant importance. Potential buyers typically desire a comprehensive understanding of the property before committing to a purchase. They will likely inquire about various aspects, such as the frequency of maintenance, responsible parties for upkeep, and the most recent servicing of crucial systems like the HVAC. Providing this information can enhance their confidence and contribute to a more informed decision-making process.

Sell My House In Bechview PA

Selling a house in the local Beechview PA real estate market can be challenging if you don’t have your ducks in a row. If you’re having a hard time selling your property as quickly as you want, consider doing some of the things I lay out in this article to make your home more attractive to potential Pennsylvania home buyers.

Also, if you need to sell your house in Pittsburgh fast and are having a tough time doing so, connect with us. We purchase local homes.  We can pay you a fair price we both agree on, and get you out of your current property in as little as 7 days rather than having to wait months and months to sell your home the traditional way.

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