339. How To Review Seller’s Market Offers In Dormont (And Around The PA Area)

We Buy Houses In Dormont Pennsylvania. Seller’s markets come and go. If you’re selling your property in Dormont or around the PA area during a seller’s market, then you might get multiple offers. Here’s how to review seller’s market offers in Dormont PA.

A seller’s market is when there are more homebuyers in Pennsylvania and fewer properties. For sellers, it’s an exciting time to sell because you may be able to get a higher asking price. You might also get multiple offers of cash for houses in Dormont on your property at once. If you’re selling your house and you received multiple offers, you might be asking yourself, “Now what do I do?” Although multiple offers might be exciting to receive, it can also be overwhelming. Fortunately, there are 4 things you can do to help ease the burden and approach your multiple offers to your greatest advantage.

Here’s How To Review Seller’s Market Offers In Dormont PA

First, sort the offers into those who are ready to buy and those who are buying contingent on something else. Some people put offers on houses contingent on them getting approved for a mortgage or contingent on them selling their home. You don’t have to discard the contingent group but it’s often easier and faster to work with someone who doesn’t purchase based on a contingency.

Second, sort the remaining ones based on which is more important to you – either the speed of the sale or the price. (For some sellers, a faster sale is more important than a higher price). Of course, both are important but usually one will be more important than the other.

  • If speed is important to you, sort the offers by the ones who are closest to the timeline you want to move in.
  • If the price is important to you, sort the offers by the ones that are highest to lowest in terms of price.

Third, if you have several that match your preference above (such as: if you want to move by the end of the month and you have several offers that work within that timeline) then sort by the ones that don’t add any conditions. The more conditions a buyer adds, the more work it may be for you.

By the end, you’ll have a pile of offers – at the top will be the ones that offer the best speed or price (whatever is more important to you), the least conditions, and are ready to purchase right away. And at the bottom are those who aren’t ready to buy because they have contingencies.

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Once you’ve sorted your offers this way, start working through them from the top, making counter offers from a position of strength! If this is overwhelming or if you don’t have as many offers as you’d like, or if you don’t have the offers from Pennsylvania home buyers that you want, there is another way to sell: you can sell your house in Pittsburgh directly to us at Dustin Buys Houses.

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