105. How To Know If You Should Work With An Investor Or Real Estate Agent To Sell Your House In Upper St Clair PA

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We Buy Houses In Upper St Clair, Pennsylvania. Are you thinking about selling your property? Here’s how to know if you should work with an investor or hire a real estate agent to sell your house in Upper St Clair PA!

The real estate industry is undergoing significant changes that are advantageous for home sellers. Nowadays, in addition to listing your property with an Upper St. Clair PA real estate agent, you also have the option to collaborate with real estate investors and homebuyers who can promptly purchase houses in Upper St. Clair with cash. Each approach has its own advantages and drawbacks. By offering sellers multiple options, the team at Dustin Buys Houses assists property owners in Upper St. Clair PA in successfully selling their homes, regardless of the property’s condition, location, or specific circumstances.

Why Work With An Upper St Clair PA Real Estate Agent?

Work with a real estate agent in Upper St Clair PA can potentially help you receive the highest sale price for the property. A traditional sale usually takes a while, so sellers should be aware of the holding costs and other expenses they will face while their home is on the market. As long as the seller doesn’t mind the upfront costs and the potential waiting, a listing can be a great option!

Who It’s For: People who want to get the highest sale price possible. They shouldn’t mind making repairs to the house, staging, showing, or waiting for an unknown period of time. In exchange for the higher sale price, people selling with an Upper St Clair PA real estate agent should be prepared to pay about 6% in agent commissions and another 2% in closing costs.

Why Work With A Local Property Buyer In Pennsylvania?

For those who need to sell quickly or before a specific date, working with someone to purchase your home directly will likely be the best way to go. Listing your house in Upper St Clair PA comes with no guarantees. When you sell your property directly to Dustin Buys Houses, you will be able to liquidate your real estate quickly without any costs whatsoever.

When working with Dustin Buys Houses, you can avoid paying commissions, ongoing holding costs, listing fees, and even closing costs. It’s important to note that while you may not receive the full retail value for your property, when you consider the time, money, and stress saved by opting for this alternative, both options can be comparable from a financial standpoint.

Our team can specifically help those dealing with probate, tax problems, liens, code violations, foreclosure, or bad tenants. For sellers in these sorts of situations, a convenient and cost-free sale can be the solution they have been waiting for.

What The Numbers Say In Upper St Clair, Pennsylvania

When it comes down to it, listing your home will likely bring in more cash. However, there are many costs upfront home sellers will face and that they should be made aware of. Often when listing your house with an Upper St Clair PA real estate agent, you will have to:

  • Spend time and money on repairs to get the property ready for the MLS.
  • Possibly make upgrades so that the house in Upper St Clair PA is competitive with others on the market.
  • Pay the continued holding costs for things such as taxes, HOA fees, homeowners insurance, utility bills, and routine maintenance.
  • When the home sells, you will be on the hook for about a 6% commission.

Selling your property directly in Upper St. Clair, PA comes with the advantage of not incurring any upfront or post-sale costs. This can make a significant difference, allowing you to keep thousands of dollars in your own pocket instead of spending it on various expenses associated with the traditional selling process.

Your Time Commitment In Upper St Clair

In addition to the upfront cash, listing your property with an Upper St. Clair PA real estate agent will also demand a significant investment of your time. You will be responsible for keeping the house clean and presentable for property showings, which can sometimes arise with short notice. This ongoing commitment to maintaining the property’s appearance can be time-consuming and may require flexibility in accommodating last-minute showing requests. If you are using an FSBO listing, you will need to be prepared to screen calls, answer questions, and make yourself available to show the property. You will also have to spend a good amount of time marketing the property, ensuring it is seen by your potential buyers.

By opting for a direct sale to Dustin Buys Houses, you can save valuable time as you won’t have to invest any effort into the process of selling your home. Once we make an offer, the remaining tasks are left in your hands. If you choose to proceed with the sale, we can swiftly close the deal within a few days. You have the freedom to take what you want from the property and leave the rest behind. We will take care of the necessary paperwork, handle any unwanted items, and address any required repairs for the home.

Sell My House In Upper St Clair PA

When it comes down to it, both selling methods have their pros and cons. As a home seller in Upper St Clair PA, it is important that you run the numbers for your specific property and situation before committing to a selling method. If you have questions about how to sell your house in Pittsburgh, our team of Pennsylvania home buyers can help! Please feel free to contact our office at any time!

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