294. Common Problems Sellers Face When Working With West Mifflin PA Real Estate Agents

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We Buy Houses In West Mifflin Pennsylvania. As local homebuyers in Pennsylvania, we offer home sellers the ideal way to sell their property fast by purchasing cash for houses in West Mifflin. There are many common problems sellers face when working with real estate agents in West Mifflin PA. Learn more about what to watch out for in our latest post!

Before we get started, let us first say that there are some truly great agents out there. However, selling with one isn’t always the best way to sell a property. Every home is unique as is every situation sellers are facing. This is why there should be options when selling. Before you decide to list your house, consider all of the ways you can sell your West Mifflin PA property, and then choose which method is right for you. Below are a few common obstacles sellers face when working with an agent.

The Money Up Front In West Mifflin PA

When you list a house it will need to be competitive with the others on the market if you want to sell fast. Most homes will require not only repairs but also a thorough cleaning and continued upkeep. You might want to stage or pay to have some of your belonging put in storage to make the property appear less cluttered. These costs come into play before the listing agreement is even signed.

PA Marketing And Other Expenses

It is crucial to be aware that not all real estate agents offer full-service assistance. Some agents may charge additional fees on top of their commission, or they may leave certain marketing responsibilities to you. There are also flat-rate agents who solely list your house on the MLS without providing comprehensive support. In such cases, you would be responsible for showing the property, addressing inquiries, covering additional marketing expenses, and more. Each agent operates differently in terms of the services they offer. Therefore, when selecting a real estate agent in West Mifflin PA, it is essential to clarify and understand the specific services they provide.

Glorified Listing Prices In West Mifflin Pennsylvania

While it is not the case for all agents, it’s important to be aware that some may overstate the listing price to persuade you to sign with them. However, setting an inflated price can hinder your ability to sell quickly, as it may deter potential buyers. Eventually, you may need to reduce the price, leading to wasted time and prolonged listing on the market. Freshly listed properties tend to attract more attention on the MLS compared to those that have been sitting for a while. Therefore, it’s crucial to carefully consider and set a realistic and competitive price for your home to maximize its chances of a swift and successful sale. This is why it is important to price your property correctly from the get-go.

A Non-Responsive Agent In West Mifflin

Being trapped in a listing agreement with an unresponsive agent can be frustrating. It’s crucial to work with an agent who prioritizes communication and provides excellent customer service. A reliable agent will make you feel valued and give you the attention you deserve. They will promptly return your calls, address your inquiries, and keep you informed about any progress in the selling process. You should never have to chase them or make repeated attempts to reach them. Remember, you are their client, and a good agent will prioritize your needs and maintain open lines of communication throughout the entire selling journey.

Being Stuck In A Contract In Pennsylvania

Getting stuck in a listing agreement can be very frustrating. Most agreements will state that the agent is entitled to their commission no matter how the property is sold. Even if you find the buyer yourself, you will still be required to pay your agent. It is especially frustrating when you get stuck with an agent who isn’t working as hard as they should be. You can find yourself doing much of the work, only to have them collect their fee when all is said and done.

Sell My House In West Mifflin PA

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