240. 4 Home Improvements That Could Turn Your Neighbors Into Your Enemies In Dormont PA

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We Buy Houses In Dormont Pennsylvania. We are local homebuyers in Pennsylvania and we offer cash for houses in Dormont and can close quickly, making the selling process incredibly easy for you. Home improvements make your home a better, more pleasant place to live as well as adding to its value. Then, surely, home improvements must be a good thing, right? Generally speaking, yes. There are, however, some home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies in Dormont PA.

1. Fixing Drainage Problems In Dormont

There’s a big low spot in your backyard where during wet periods water stands, making your yard virtually unusable for long stretches and causing a health hazard when the mosquitoes move in. And you’ve finally decided to do something about it. The problem is, though, that the water has to go somewhere.

If that water then drains into your neighbor’s yard, making it soggy and messy, get ready for problems. If your neighbor raises a big stink and wants to take legal action, you do have recourse to the “reasonableness rule“. This rule holds that if a neighbor sues, he will have to provide proof that you did something”unreasonable” in altering your property to cause harm to his property.

2. Planting Ornamental Trees In PA

We all want to make our mark on our property, imposing just a little of our own personality on it. And that basic human desire often expresses itself in the form of landscaping, sometimes in the specific form of ornamental trees. But certain trees turn out to be one of the home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies in Dormont PA.

Consider the case of Bradford pears as an example. While these trees showcase stunning blooms, they also emit a strongly pungent and overpowering odor during their blooming period, which some individuals may find unpleasant. Moreover, these trees are known for shedding brittle branches, posing a risk of debris falling into neighboring yards. Although planting ornamental trees might initially seem appealing, it’s important to recognize the potential drawbacks they can have on neighborly relations and overall maintenance.

3. Adding A Room In Dormont PA

If you’ve been diligently saving money and are now ready to add a guest room to your property in Dormont PA, it’s important to be mindful of potential concerns from your neighbors. The construction process can create temporary inconveniences that may impact their daily lives.

During the construction period, there will be unavoidable noise and mess associated with the job site. Deliveries from the lumber yard, the sound of power tools, workers communicating, and the rhythmic noise of hammers and nail guns are all part of the necessary process. While these activities are essential, they may be seen as disruptive and bothersome by your neighbors.

Furthermore, once the project is completed, there is a possibility that your neighbors may feel disappointed if their favorite view is now obstructed by your new room. It’s essential to consider their perspective and be empathetic to their potential concerns.

Open communication with your neighbors before and during the construction process can help alleviate tensions and address any issues that may arise. Being considerate of their needs and concerns can foster positive relationships and minimize potential disruptions during and after the construction of your guest room. This may not always be the case, but . . . just sayin’.

4. Installing a Pool In Dormont Pennsylvania

Perhaps you’ve managed to save up enough funds to finally fulfill your lifelong desire of having an exquisite in-ground swimming pool. Picture it: a magnificent pool complete with a diving board, a charming changing house, and even a sleek wet bar. Brace yourself for the inevitable mix of admiration and discontent that follows. It all begins innocently enough with a touch of envy, as your neighbors witness your newfound aquatic paradise while lacking one of their own. The envy gradually morphs into resentment as they realize they can’t access your pool at their whim and fancy. This resentment, in turn, transforms into hostile anger whenever your neighbors are subjected to the joyful echoes of laughter, music, and clinking glasses during your lively nocturnal pool gatherings.

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While it is true there are home improvements that could turn your neighbors into your enemies in Dormont PA, you shouldn’t let that put you off your dreams and plans when selling a house. Using the right approach, you can move forward with your home-improvement plans without creating any “neighbor issues.”

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